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P-series Microprocessors and FPGA Implementations
p24manual Detailed description of P24 CPU and OS by CH Ting
p21-4th For MuP21 chip by Jeff Fox
p21ef208 eForth version 2.08 for MuP21 by CH Ting
p8 For Xilinx XC4005 FPGA by CH Ting, 16-bit in schematics
p16b For Xliinx XCV1000E FPGA by CH Ting, 16-bit in VHDL
p24 For Xilinx XCV1000E FPGA by CH Ting, 24-bit in VHDL

Win32Forth Forth optimized for Windows by Tom Zimmer & Andrew McKewan
win32forth Files on Taygeta FTP website
Manual Windows Forth Manual by CH Ting
links Win32Forth links on SVFIG


Updated 06/20/2009

History of eForth - Kevin Appert:

eForth was developed several years ago by Bill Muench. He built a simple meta-compiled Forth that has some interesting aspects. The main goal as I understand it was portability. Bill writes: "eForth allows me to make a complete Forth system with about 30 very simple machine code routines. With so few words to code, I could do the coding by hand, that is, without the need to write an assembler first. After this simple model is running, it is desirable to code much of the rest in assembly." The descendant of this original work is on Bill's website.

After that, C.H. Ting wanted a simple, portable Forth to be the new FIG-Forth. He wanted to have a Forth to spread around, to use for his own work and to be a part of his "Firmware Engineering Workshop". At Ting's request Bill coded eForth in MASM to produce an assembly listing much like the original FIG-Forth distribution. Ting felt that more common folk could get started with a process that didn't involve the complexities of a meta-compiler. Ting and others have continued to evolve eForth, porting to many processors and environments. There's even a Linux port. Ting is working on an eForth variant in C.

This is a collection of Forth programs and Forth hardware designs placed in the public domain by the eForth Group to encourage hardware and software engineers to study and evaluate computers and software based on the eForth model. Due to the limited time available, this collection is an alpha release, which collects the existing materials in a somewhat organized manner. The materials included, especially the tutorials, will be revised to make the presentations clearer and more easily understandable.

Index file
Index file - 4Kb text file
Zip file - 8Mb zip file

eForth2 Implementation aligned to eForth Version 2 Model
Subroutine threaded using native assemblers
All implementations were done by CH Ting
workshop Firmware Engineering Workshop, tutorials by CH Ting
51se22e For 8051
6805ef13 For 6805
6812ef For 68HC12
ef2181 For Analog Devices AD2181 DSP
eforth86 For PC/DOS, 32 bit mode
eforthxa For Philips 80C51XA 16-bit mode

eForth1 Implementations aligned to eForth Version 1 Model
zenforth eForth and Zen, Tutorials of eForth by CH Ting
zen Platform Sutra, English translation
eforth86 Original eForth Model for PC/DOS by Bill Muench and CH Ting
HC11e4th For 68HC11 by Karl Lunt
efppc For PowerPC by CH Ting
eforth98 For 8096/8098 by Kezhong Ting
e4th6811 For 68HC11 by Wolfgang Schemmert, optimized
e4th8051 For 8051 by Wolfgang Schemmert, optimized
eforth51 For 8051 by CH Ting, not optimized
eforthmp For MIPS by CH Ting
eforth78 For NEC 78C10 by John Talbert
eforth17 For PIC 17C42 by CH Ting
eforthjv For JAVA by Michael A. Losh
eforth16 For 68HC16 by Pete Zawasky
eforth56 For M56002 DSP by Dave Taliaferro
386ef402 For 80x86 by CH Ting, protected mode
eforthh8 For Hitachi H8/532 by Bernie Mentink
transpef For Transputers by Bob Barr
68eforth For 68000 and 68HC11 by Richard Haskell
z80efort For Z80 by Ken Chen
68se4th For 68000 and 68HC11 by Richard Haskell, subroutine threaded
eforth32 For PC in 32-bit mode, by Rick VanNorman

fpc Forth optimized for PC by Tom Zimmer & Robert Smith
1course General tutorials by CH Ting
2course Advanced tutorials on I/O by CH Ting
3course Advanced tutorials on system by CH Ting
4course Tutorials for a college course by Richard Haskell
fpc36 Self installed FPC system files
fpctech FPC Technical Reference Manual by CH Ting
fpcuser FPC Users Manual by CH Ting
tcom25 Target compiler under FPC by Tom Zimmer

f83 3 Forth-83 standard implementations by Henry Laxon & Mike Perry
insidf83 ZIP file in Word for Mac 3.0 format Inside F83, tutorials on F83 by CH Ting
InsideF83 tar.gz file in pdf format Inside F83, tutorials on F83 by CH Ting
InsideF83 ZIP file in PDF format Inside F83, tutorials on F83 by CH Ting, converted to pdf by John Glauvitz
f83-68k F83 for 68000 CP/M68K (.arc file)
f838080 F83 for 8080 CP/M (.arc file)
f83util F83 utiltity files (.arc file)
f83v2-80 F83 version 2 for 8080 CP/M (.ark file)
f83v2-ms F83 for 8086 MSDOS (.lzh file)

figForth Orignal Forth implementations by Forth Interest Group
fig86 8086 implementation (.lzh file)
figforth8088 8088 implementation by Charlie Krajewski
pdp114th PDP-11 implementation by John James
pdp11dat Data file for above implementation
guide Systems Guide to figForth by CH Ting
guide Systems Guide to figForth, Chapter 7, 1st edition, scanned by Herb Johnson

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